The database below contains thousands of entries compiled from several censuses recorded by the Lloyd estate, representing over 500 men, women, and children who lived at the Wye House Plantation (called Home House by the Lloyds) between 1770 and 1834. There are hundreds more who lived on other Lloyd plantations on the Eastern Shore, and from these records, we can see the movement of enslaved people between these properties throughout the years. A separate list, which contains Frederick Douglass, can be found here.

You may search the database or browse through the names and information. To sort the entries in various ways, click on the column headings. For example, to arrange the individuals from youngest to oldest, click "Age." Click again to sort from oldest to youngest. You can also filter your search by plantation.

Where a name has been annotated with a mark such as [A] or [B], this means that there are multiple individuals with the same name. This notation was added for the online database to make it easier to distinguish between those individuals. First and last names have been separated, though they were together as one entry in the historical documents. This is to allow the reorginization of the entries alphabetically by last name. In creating the database from the transcriptions, it was necessary to use best judgement when it came to deciding what is to be considered a last name, since many of them were based on occupation or descriptions, and not necessarily shared among a family.

It is important to note that ages do not necessarily correspond to an actual date of birth, since this was not always known. Ages fluctuate between entries of the same individual and were often likely estimates. Where the age was not recorded, there will be a blank, and where the age was of an infant, there is a zero.

It may take a moment for the entries to load.

Download a spreadsheet (.xlsx) of this database.